Tunnels, railways, tramway lines, airports, ports, and data centers run 24/7, 365 days a year. You need to keep business running even when renovating existing infrastructure or developing new networks. At LafargeHolcim, we help you build efficient, durable, and aesthetic transport infrastructure for goods, people, and data. We work with you from the design phase forward, on a global scale, to match our innovative materials to your needs, guaranteeing the reliability of the new leader in the building materials industry.



Enabling easy and efficient transportation through complex geographical areas is no secret to us. LafargeHolcim has unmatched know-how to make your tunnel project for metro, rail, and roads across the globe a success.

We partner with you to deliver tailor-made solutions to meet your needs:

  • Site preparation and removal of existing structures (bridges, rock plugs, etc.).
  • Relocation and recycling of excavation material such as aggregates for concrete.
  • Development of special products and solutions that match each project’s requirements: resistant and long-lasting cement, ultra-fine binders to reduce soil permeability, specific concrete mix designs.
  • Reliable logistics solutions, such as transport with guaranteed delivery dates, rail logistics, and storage facilities capable of handling large volumes of materials.
  • Flexible on-site production capacity to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. We can construct and operate ready-mix plants at your worksite, even deep in the mountains and in remote locations.
  • A project management approach that responds to the highest health and safety standards and ensures your project’s execution efficiency (e.g. impermeability, decontamination, and fire resistance).

Railways and train stations

At LafargeHolcim, we know that metropolitan and inter-city trains, high-speed railways, and tram lines often make stringent demands on construction companies, contractors, and transport operators, such as:

  • ensuring train infrastructure availability over time,
  • securing project planning and execution, and
  • meeting aesthetic and public acceptance challenges.

At LafargeHolcim, we have developed a partnering approach at all phases of rail project development with solutions that encompass:

  • ballast aggregates or concrete-based slippers and tracks
  • materials and services to develop the most passenger-friendly stations.

Through our safe, attentive, and professional approach, LafargeHolcim brings certainty to your railway and train station projects.


The airport business model has evolved. Airports are no longer just critical transport facilities; they have become veritable business-generating infrastructure with a wide variety of shopping and entertainment activities.

To be profitable, airports need to be open 24/7 and attract as many passengers as possible.

We have developed a partner-focused approach at all phases of airport project development, with solutions including:

  • plane runways
  • aesthetic commercial buildings that feature innovative façades, based on our advanced Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), for example.

We also guarantee a safe, responsive and professional approach of the new undisputed leader of the building materials industry.


As a construction company or port operator, when building or retrofitting a major maritime port, the key is to develop an infrastructure that will respond to today's challenges and those of the next 100 years, while maintaining container movement during construction.

At LafargeHolcim, we accompany you every step of the way, using our technological expertise to build customized port solutions that:

  •  Ensure "flowability"/continuation of delivery project planning and logistics;
  •  Enable "constructability";
  •  Provide time saving possibilities;
  •  Offer reduction of traffic hindrance; and
  •  Ensure availability of material.

Through our worldwide trading and shipping activity, LafargeHolcim manages over 1,500 maritime shipments per year with our own ships and chartered freight. We supply materials such as specially-designed breakwater concrete blocks and advanced solutions for quay structures and rolling paths.

Through our safe, responsive and professional approach, LafargeHolcim contributes to the certainty of your port development projects.

For construction companies and local governments, building or renovating a bridge is not only about connecting cities. It means making major financial investments and overcoming many challenges during the construction or renovation process:

  •  making the infrastructure available as quickly as possible,
  •  building durable and resilient bridges that last,
  •  making sure the project stays on-time and on-budget,and
  •  extending the lifetime of bridges.

At LafargeHolcim, we can help you with your bridge infrastructure from the design phase with the best materials solutions for long-lasting bridges, including:

  • cement and concrete for pillars and bridge decks;
  • UHPC joint fill offer and micro-cement for repairs and lifetime extension;
  • delivery of all our materials and solutions in remote and limited-access areas, thanks to our global reach and our optimized logistics services.

Through our safe, responsive and professional approach,LafargeHolcim contributes to the certainty of your >bridge construction projects.

Data centers

Today, transport extends beyond just people and goods: it is also about data transfer, with data centers playing a critical role in the continually expanding information technology network. 

Keeping data centers running 24/7 and 365 days a year is vital to telecom operators, Internet service specialists, and companies. As a result, when it comes to their construction, there are specific challenges and expectations, including improved energy efficiency, strong resistance and resilience, as well as on-time completion. 

With an end-to-end project management approach, LafargeHolcim puts our technological expertise and know-how at your service. We are the right partner to build solutions that address specific data center needs.

  • We'll help you increase the speed and reduce the cost of construction, from the design phase forward:
    • Our dedicated data center team is a key resource when you begin your mission-critical project.
    • We'll help you optimize your design with the best material selection.
    • We'll help you simplify the process through knowledge of the supply chain and our ability to provide a single bid for the entire concrete supply and installation.
    • Our materials and service solutions significantly reduce construction time and cost.
  • We'll help you enhance, from the design phase forward, the resilience of your data centers:
    • Our materials and service solutions provide resistance to destructive forces (ultra-high performance concretes)
    • We offer a wide selection of concrete, cement, and aggregate products that deliver the levels of structural resilience your project demands.