Stringtown Quarry


About the Quarry

Stringtown Quarry is one of the oldest and largest limestone mines (2.2 MTPY) in southern Oklahoma. The mine has been a central feature in the small town of Stringtown since it began operations approximately 100 years ago. As a business that is inherently local and highly visible, we place significant emphasis on developing and maintaining a strong partnership with the communities in which we operate. As a result of this commitment, the Stringtown Quarry has become a trusted and valued part of the community through its various community outreach initiatives. 

NSSGA Platinum Award for 2018

NSSGA Platinum Award for Community Relations 2018

In March of 2018, Stringtown Quarry was awarded the Platinum Award for Excellence in Community Relations by the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association(NSSGA). The ultimate goal of the Excellence in Community Relations award program is to encourage producers to become involved with and support their local communities, and develop support activities that emphasize the personal involvement of their employees working together with people in the community.

The NSSGA Platinum Award for Excellence in Community Relations is the most prestigious national quarry industry award. 


"Stringtown Community and our Quarry Community are one in the same. We believe strongly that it is our duty to help our fellow citizens, employees, and neighbors, especially when there is so much need."

Josh Hayden
Quarry Manager

Good Neighbors Volunteer Initiative

This initiative was completed in September 2017 over two weekends. All employees spent their normal Saturday work-shifts completing much needed repairs and upgrades throughout town. In all more than 280 volunteer hours, 5000 tons of road base, and a $7000 bridge were all part of the donation.

The community event involved completing construction on a new decorative bridge to complement a walking path also constructed by Stringtown Quarry. Road repair work, painting town flag poles, and landscape improvements throughout town were also part of the project. 


Atoka County Natural History Day Event

Stringtown Quarry was also a major participant in the Atoka County Natural History Day event in May 2017. This event was attended by more than 500 students and their parental chaperones.

The event featured displays and educational materials focused on natural history. Since mining is a large part of the natural history of the town, Stringtown Quarry was asked to be the cornerstone of the event. Stringtown Quarry came through in a big way by sending over large mining equipment, prizes, and educational materials. Employees and regional operations and environmental managers helped staff the event booth and built a sandbox onsite stocked with our own sand. 


Educational Outreach

Stringtown Quarry hosted Atoka County Schools k-12 at the Quarry for an educational and visual tour of the quarry through the “History Alive Event”. Smaller kids played in the sandboxes, while older students went to the scenic overlook to observe mining operations and plant production. Stringtown Quarry Manager, Josh Hayden made classroom appearances to the schools to answer questions and presrent prizes to excited elementary students as part of the event. 


Stringtown Quarry is very proud of the relationship we have forged with the local community. We look forward to continued community engagement through our annual CSR initiatives. Community engagement and communications are not just something extra we do, but are a core part of our values and mission as a business.