Safety data sheets




Granitic Aggregate SDS

SDS--Granitic-Aggregate--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 296.92 KB)


Igneous Granitic Rock SDS - English

Igneous-Granitic-Rock-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 455.74 KB)


Lafarge Crushed Concrete SDS - English

Lafarge-Crushed-Concrete-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 480.47 KB)


Limestone SDS

SDS--Limestone--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 274.07 KB)


Limestone Aggregate

SDS--Limestone-Aggregate--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 276.15 KB)


Sand SDS

SDS--Sand-GHS (pdf, 266.29 KB)


Sand Gravel SDS - English

SDS--Sand & Gravel (pdf, 398.04 KB)


Sandstone SDS - English

SDS--Sandstone (pdf, 408.17 KB)


Shale SDS

SDS--Shale--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 301.25 KB)


Slag SDS - English

Slag-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 495.44 KB)




Cold Patch Asphalt SDS - English

Cold-Patch-Asphalt-SDS.pdf (pdf, 542.95 KB)


Conphalt SDS

Conphalt-SDS.pdf (pdf, 553.91 KB)


Hot Mix Asphalt SDS

Hot-Mix-Asphalt-SDS.pdf (pdf, 526.77 KB)


Hot Mix Asphalt GHS SDS

SDS--Hot-Mix-Asphalt--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 353.93 KB)


MSM SDS - English

MSM-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 503.08 KB)


Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement SDS

Reclaimed-Asphalt-Pavement-Rap-SDS.pdf (pdf, 495.79 KB)




Asphalt Cement SDS - English

Asphalt-Cement-SDS-Namex.pdf (pdf, 501.55 KB)


Blended Hydraulic Cement SDS

SDS--Blended-Hydraulic-Cement--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 303.96 KB)


Blended SCM SDS - English

Blended-SCM-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 523.84 KB)


Cement Kiln Bypass Dust SDS

SDS--Cement-Kiln-Bypass-Dust--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 311.16 KB)


Cement Kiln Dust SDS - English

Cement-Kiln-Dust-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 513.21 KB)


Fly Ash SDS

SDS--Fly-Ash--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 300.46 KB)


Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag SDS

SDS--Ground-Granulated-Blast-Furnace-Slag--GHS-6222015.pdf (pdf, 295.14 KB)


Lafarge Blended Cement SDS

Lafarge-Blended-Cement-SDS.pdf (pdf, 532.4 KB)


Lafarge Fly Ash and Bottom Ash SDS - English

Lafarge-Fly-Ash-and-Bottom-Ash-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 438.03 KB)


Lafarge Masonry Mortar Cement SDS - English

Lafarge-Masonry-Mortar-Cement-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 553.49 KB)


Lafarge Portland Cement SDS

Lafarge-Portland-Cement-SDS.pdf (pdf, 528.84 KB)


Masonry Mortar and Stucco Cements SDS

SDS--Masonry-Mortar-and-Stucco-Cements--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 310.46 KB)


Portland Cement SDS

SDS--Portland-Cement--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 307.06 KB)


Portland Cement Clinker SDS

SDS--Portland-Cement-Clinker--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 301.58 KB)




Agilia Screed A SDS - English

Agilia-Screed-A-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 480.11 KB)


Agilia SDS - English

Agilia-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 562.44 KB)


BlockSet PozzBlend I, III SDS - English

Blockset-PozzBlend-I-III-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 534.23 KB)


Ductal Premix SDS

Ductal-Premix-SDS.pdf (pdf, 485.61 KB)


Lafarge Concrete Products SDS - English

Lafarge-Concrete-Products-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 479.92 KB)


Lafarge Insulating Lightweight Concrete SDS - English

Lafarge-Insulating-Lightweight-Concrete-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 521.43 KB)


Lafarge Ready-Mix Concrete SDS

Lafarge-Ready-Mix-Concrete-SDS.pdf (pdf, 660.39 KB)


Ontario White Premix SDS - English

Ontario-White-Premix-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 496.01 KB)


Packaged Concrete and Sand Mixes SDS

SDS--Packaged-Concrete-and-Sand-Mixes--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 299.34 KB)


Ready-Mix Concrete SDS

SDS--Ready-Mix-Concrete--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 313.13 KB)


TC1000 Premix SDS - English

TC1000-Premix-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 519.41 KB)


Windguard SDS

Windguard-SDS.pdf (pdf, 435.24 KB)




Gypsum SDS - English

Gypsum-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 462.69 KB)


Synthetic Gypsum GHS SDS

SDS--Synthetic-Gypsum--GHS-2015.pdf (pdf, 274.58 KB)


Synthetic Gypsum SDS - English

Synthetic-Gypsum-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 529.78 KB)




Lafarge Deicing Agent SDS - English

Lafarge-Deicing-Agent-SDS-English (pdf, 465.96 KB)


Lafarge Hydrated Lime SDS - English

Lafarge-Hydrated-Lime-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 529.1 KB)


Limestone and Dolomite SDS

Limestone-and-Dolomite-SDS.pdf (pdf, 456.9 KB)


Soil SDS

Soil-SDS.pdf (pdf, 434.47 KB)


S SORB III SDS - English

S-SORB-III-SDS-English (pdf, 506.92 KB)


Terraflow SDS - English

Terraflow-SDS-English.pdf (pdf, 540.18 KB)