Our strategy & values

Our strategy: The work we do in the US supports LafargeHolcim’s global set of strategic priorities to generate growth, maximize returns and create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Our values are built on a continuous focus on health and safety. The health and safety of our employees, contractors and the communities in which we live and work is paramount.


Our strategy aims to further strengthen the company’s leadership position in the construction industry, drive shareholder returns and establish LafargeHolcim as the partner of choice for our customers – involved early in the design phase of projects – to address the dual challenges of urbanization and sustainability.

We have built our strategy around four pillars: cost leadership, an asset light approach, commercial transformation and sustainability. Cost leadership and an asset light approach together enable the business to grow returns through disciplined management and allocation of capital, whereas commercial transformation and sustainability will differentiate LafargeHolcim from competitors.

Four pillars

  • Cost leadership

    Cost leadership is in the DNA of our organization and essential to success in our industry. This means systematically and rigorously managing our costs, implementing best practices across the Group and taking advantage of our scale.

  • Asset light

    By adopting an asset light approach, we can optimize our current asset base, better leveraging our industrial footprint, reducing our capital expenditures and exploring new growth opportunities with lower capital intensity.

  • Commercial transformation

    We want to develop our commercial expertise to anticipate the needs of our customers, getting involved earlier in projects to co-develop solutions that will nurture long-term relationships and make us their partner of choice.


  • Sustainability

    We’re proud to lead the industry in reducing   CO2 per ton of cement and we also want to differentiate LafargeHolcim by harnessing our capability in research & development to address the growing demand for sustainable solutions.



Health & Safety

Our overarching value is health and safety. It is embedded in everything we do. We are committed to ensuring that the health and safety of our employees, contractors and members of the public are not put at risk by our operations.



We believe people are central to the success of the company and the value it creates for its stakeholders. We are committed to engaging, motivating and developing our people, providing diverse and international career paths.



Developing and adopting the digital solutions that support innovation, interconnectedness and bringing better solutions to more customers in more places is a key component of success in the future.


At LafargeHolcim, our core values and underlying behaviors we have identified guide us in how we work at LafargeHolcim. They create the foundation for our new and common culture.

Core value – Customers means we will continue to build an organization and culture that is centered on markets and customers. We understand who our customers are and who are our end users are. We listen and understand what drives their businesses and what they value in order to be able to anticipate their needs and provide innovative solutions for shared value creation.

Core value – Results stands for a passion to achieve our goals and deliver on our targets through rigorous execution and with zero harm to people. We strive for continuous improvement and challenge the status quo with innovative solutions that drive lasting results for shareholders.

Core value – Integrity means creating an environment where compliance is a central commitment. We have the courage to make the right decisions based on our ethical principles at all times, even when it means foregoing a business opportunity.

Core value – Sustainability stands for demonstrating leadership in environmental stewardship and being a responsible role model for future generations. We proactively engage with stakeholders to create shared value with society, and we drive sustainable solutions through the entire value chain.

Core value – People stands for openness and inclusion and for truly caring for and respecting every individual. We seek out diversity and embrace new and different ideas, experiences, and perspectives, and are open to collaboration and sharing. We enable teams and empower individuals to reach their full potential and succeed. We recognize high performance and will address underperformance.