Institutional buildings

Public buildings need to be exemplary in terms of safety, durability, environmental and thermal performance, as well as aesthetics. These are some of the challenges faced by public bodies when they build schools, libraries, city halls, and other public amenities. LafargeHolcim is the right partner to help you achieve your goals. We work with you from the design phase to completion, providing you with the most appropriate construction solutions using adapted cement, concrete, aggregates and building systems. Our objective: ensuring maximum energy efficiency, safety, resilience and beauty for your buildings.


For public bodies, design teams, and contractors, building public amenities (such as schools, libraries, city halls, cultural centers, high-security buildings, or outdoor squares) involves addressing some critical issues:

  • Ensuring the full safety of the public.
  • Showcasing exemplary environmental and thermal performance in order to receive green building certifications (LEED®, BREEAM®, HQE®, etc.).
  • Designing aesthetic buildings that stand the test of time and make their mark on a city.
  • Making good use of public funds by working within budgets, which are often limited.

We provide your building with superior resilience and durability

  • Concrete is the most fire-resistant, non-chemically treated material, ahead of other materials such as steel and wood.
  • Reduced flooding and slippery surface hazards in public squares and around public buildings, thanks to our pervious concretes, such as our international brand Hydromedia®.

We enhance the environmental and thermal performance of your public building

  • Improve insulation and energy efficiency of your public building with our new generation of thermal efficient concretes (such as our international brand Thermedia®).
  • Ensure your compliance with local construction regulations through our complete range of high thermal performance concrete blocks.
  • Create energy-efficient construction elements (walls, floors, roofs, etc.) with our range of efficient building systems, which combine our cement, aggregates, and concrete solutions with other insulating components.
  • Get in touch with our international team of green building specialists, who can help you with specification and design guidance. You are sure to select the best systems and materials to maximize your LEED®, BREEAM®, or HQE® rating.

We work with architects to create unique innovative designs for your public amenities

We encourage architectural creative freedom with LafargeHolcim concrete materials and solutions:

  • Light and breathtaking designs, amazing curves and shapes with Ductal®, our Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC). Its high durability ensures that your building stays beautiful for a long time.
  • The wide choice of colors, textures, and patterns available in our range of decorative concretes (with our international brand Artevia®).
  • Decorative aggregates, recommended for landscaping and enhancing your exterior fittings.

We also run joint experiment projects with architects to provide them with the latest innovations in building solutions.