Individual housing

There’s no place like home. When you build a house for yourself or your end users, it must meet your aesthetic needs and be long-lasting, energy efficient, fast to build, and affordable. LafargeHolcim is the partner you need. We work with you to select the most appropriate construction solutions and building systems using adapted cement, concrete, and aggregates, which will enhance your house's durability, energy efficiency, and thermal insulation while simplifying the work on site.


For individual home builders, masons, contractors, or architects, successfully building a house means meeting high standards in specific areas:

  • Reducing heating and cooling bills for the occupants by optimizing energy efficiency and insulation.
  • Maximizing speed and efficiency of the construction process and minimizing waste and costs by streamlining the work on home-building sites.
  • Building aesthetic homes to meet the expectations of the homeowner.
  • Enabling homeowners to pass their property on to the next generation, thanks to durable, long-lasting houses.

We can improve your house's thermal performance​

  • A range of efficient building systems combines our cement, aggregates, and concrete solutions with other insulating components to create energy-efficient construction elements (walls, floors, roofs, etc.). An example is our insulated concrete formwork for walls.
  • Materials enhance precast concrete blocks' thermal insulation properties. Examples include lightweight aggregates, block fill, and mineral foam developed by our R&D.

We can make your life easier and your job site more efficient

LafargeHolcim offers you advanced products and services:

  • Slab floors installed in just one pour with our self-placing, self-leveling concrete (with our international brand Agilia®).
  • Low-carbon pre-cast solution, with quick strength and productivity, reducing environmental footprint.
  • Reduced waste and time losses with our high-quality ready-to-use mortars.
  • Easy handling and reduced waste with our solutions available in small containers, such as concrete in big bags and buckets, cement in smaller sized bags.
  • One-stop shop offers for structural works, where you can find all the necessary materials and solutions.
  • Better anticipation of the amount of materials necessary for your project, with our materials quantification service.
  • Placing & finishing service: we apply concrete directly on your construction site through our certified applicator network.

Our aesthetic solutions can make your house unique

  • Colorful decorative concrete range (with our international brand Artevia®).
  • Decorative sands and aggregates for exterior landscaping.

We specialize in concrete, the material for safe, sound, and durable homes

Concrete is most resilient material against extreme climate conditions and fire without requiring additional specialty chemicals.