Discover high value aggregates and solutions for building and infrastructure projects available from LafargeHolcim in the US.

After water, aggregates are the most utilized product in the world. Our aggregates product line offers a full range of crushed rock, stone, sand, and gravel for the civil, commercial, residential, and industrial construction sectors. Through the LafargeHolcim family of companies, including Lafarge, Aggregate Industries (US) and Lattimore Materials, we offer products that are used in many applications, including ready-mixed and precast concrete, asphalt, and as a base material for street and road construction. 


Whatever the application, LafargeHolcim ensures all aggregates products are of the best quality in terms of particle shape, durability and resistance to weathering. This means our customers can confidently rely on product performance.

We provide the widest range of specialty aggregates for the market in order to match the specific requirements of demanding building and infrastructure projects, such as:

  • ballast for railways ​

  • bound and unbound aggregates for layer works in road construction

  • stone for breakwaters and harbor facilities

  • decorative solutions for architectural effects


Recycled aggregates

With sources close to the worksite and demanding quality control, we produce high quality recycled aggregates from recycled and returned concrete. This commitment to sustainable solutions ensures that reserves are not unnecessarily depleted and reduces the impact on landfill sites. Our recycled aggregates guarantee the highest standard of consistency, reliability and performance.

Recycled aggregates can be used for a wide range of applications in civil engineering and building projects such as:
●    road base,
●    sub-base,
●    building foundation material,
●    utility trenches, and
●    parking areas.


Manufactured sands

On a global scale, natural alluvial sand is becoming an increasingly depleted resource. LafargeHolcim has a sustainable solution in the form of manufactured sands that are produced at hard rock quarries. The result is a high quality fine aggregate that is an ideal solution for all concrete applications.



Decorative sands and aggregates

Our multicolored decorative sands and aggregates give color to architectural applications and exposed aggregate concrete. Durable and easy to maintain, decorative aggregates can be used for aesthetic appeal in applications such as parks, driveways and playgrounds.


Aggregates for urban drainage systems​

LafargeHolcim aggregates for urban drainage systems are designed to control the drainage in public roads, sidewalks and driveways, thus contributing to road safety. They are also environmentally friendly solutions, as they allow for rainwater management and aid the collection, cleaning and reuse of rainwater.



Lightweight Aggregates

LafargeHolcim’s range of lightweight aggregates meet an array of needs for the civil, industrial, commercial, and residential segments and offer a reliable sustainable construction solution starting at the foundation of your needs. Lightweight products available include True Lite® and Pumice. Visit our Directory to find out who to contact in your area for more information.

Applications where lightweight aggregates are used include:

  • lightweight concrete masonry 
  • structural lightweight and semi-lightweight cast-in-place concrete 
  • low-density precast concrete units 
  • low-density mortars for radiant heat floor and refractories 
  • geotechnical low-density engineered fill 
  • insulating concrete fill
  • concrete roofing tile and ballast
  • ground cover and soil-less mixes
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