LafargeHolcim, our family of companies: Lafarge, Holcim (US), Aggregate Industries (US), Lattimore Materials, and our trusted partners, provide service, science and performance-tested materials that drive value and solve specific design/construction challenges in all project and building types. Whether you are designing a data center, erecting a high-rise, building a university dormitory or a single family home, our products can help you create a design that elevates the landscape, saves labor cost and time, accelerates schedules, or relieves construction headaches.


By engaging at the start of the design process, you can build in solutions that anticipate your needs.

Some of the branded solutions we offer:


Save labor time and cost

  • Agillia® a superior self consolidating concrete
  • Chronolia® a full range of materials that reach strength faster while handling just like regular concrete
  • Hydromedia® pervious concrete that reduces placement labor time
  • WeatherMix® concrete that can extend your placement season or reduce the added steps needed to place and finish in the high heat of summer or under frigid winter conditions 
  • ThermaFlow™ thermal fill designed to help dissipate heat of for burial of high voltage, high capacity electrical projects
  • Collaborating with HercuTech®, an innovative building systems company, we are part of a revolutionary HercuWall® system that delivers a better wall, cost competitive with wood with significantly reduced labor and time to erect.



Elevate the aesthetic

  • Ductal® Ultra high performance concrete for unique designs needed for Iconic projects
  • Agillia® a superior self consolidating concrete that can fill intricate forms for design details
  • Artevia® decorative concrete offers a wide variety of colors and textures for interior and exterior applications 



Markets we serve: 

  • Data Centers
  • Single Family Homes
  • Education Projects
  • Healthcare
  • Multifamily
  • Hotel/Motel