Agilia®: A Superior Self-Consolidating Concrete

A building material that flows and spreads effortlessly, reduces worksites hassles and saves you time every day? Discover Agilia®, our range of self-placing and self-leveling concretes and screeds. Extremely fluid, they require no vibration and provide an exceptional, highly esthetic finish for a variety of applications!


Reduce your labor time and cost with Agilia®

The revolutionary technology used in Agilia® products allows it to flow cohesively under its own weight. It delivers excellent quality concretes and screeds with superior surface finishes compared to traditional materials – without manual placement or vibration. Plus, Agilia® speeds up pouring work and allows you to create more flexibility in your schedule.

Agilia® flows easily through highly congested and heavily reinforced areas, eliminating the need for hours of vibration at height for laborers. This not only reduces your construction labor time and cost, it also ensures a safer work environment.

Discover its benefits

  • Reduces Cost

    Agilia® places quickly and flows easily through congested and heavily-reinforced areas. Agilia also eliminates the need for vibration.

  • Structural Integrity

    Places without segregation to ensure a consistent disbursement of aggregate within the concrete.

  • Improved Aesthetic

    Creates a smooth and crisp aesthetic for architectural appeal. Agilia® delivers flawless formed finishes and eliminates the need for expensive patching and rubbing.



  • Heavily-Reinforced Projects
  • Columns
  • Deep Foundations
  • Tilt-Up Walls
  • Floors
  • Pre-Cast
  • Slab-On Grade
  • Slab-On Steel Deck

Built with Agilia®